Research / Research Team and Collaborators

Research Team and Collaborators

Collaborating Organizations

Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society in Alberta

Agroforestry Development Centre, AAFC Agri-Environment Services Branch

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Research Team and Collaborators

Principal Investigator: Scott Chang, Website

Co-Principal Investigator: Edward Bork, Website

Collaborator: Cameron Carlyle, Website

Graduate Students

MSc: Qiting Chen,

Qiting is a master’s student who finished her BSc at the University of Alberta, with a double major in Conservation Biology & Wildlife and Rangeland Resources Management. Qiting will examine the relationships between species diversity of above-ground plant community, and below-ground carbon storage in agroforestry systems.

PhD: Mark Baah,

Mark received his B.Sc. in Natural Resource Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) and a MSc. in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick (Canada) with emphasis on predicting the probability of tree species persistence along environmental gradients. Mark will be investigating greenhouse gas emissions rates and soil carbon stability under different agroforestry systems.


Farrah Fatemi,

Farrah’s expertise is in ecosystem biogeochemistry, with emphasis on soil nutrient cycling. She received her PhD from the University of Maine in 2011, where she studied the long-term impacts of acid deposition on forest soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics. Farrah will be examining aspects of soil carbon cycling, and the temperature sensitivity of processes involved in soil organic matter degradation.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Cole McCormick, Philip Auer

Previous Team Members

Postdoc: Samiran Banerjee,

Undergraduate Research Assistants: Isabel Fodor, Aggie Hery, Carley Dobko